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Purpose of Award: The John A. Spaulding Lifetime Achievement Award was established during the 2002 Family Reunion and has been adopted by the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Association, Inc. as an enduring tribute to our family member and historian, the late John A. Spaulding; who authored with the late cousin Dr. Louis Mitchell, “A Story of the Descendants of Benjamin and Edith Spaulding with Genealogy”. The JAS Lifetime Achievement award, honors family members who have made consistent contributions to the missions, goals, and objectives of the family overtime.

2014 – Luke Alexander

John A. Spaulding Award for 2014 was awarded to Luke Alexander during the family banquet at the 2014 BESD Family Reunion.  The award was presented to Cousin Luke Alexander for his diligent and ongoing service to the family.   Luke is a 7th generation member of the BESD family and as a young man, has demonstrated his interest and commitment to facilitating programs and initiatives to insure that we will continue to stay united as a family.    As a member of the BODs of our family association and foundation, he has demonstrated his willingness to work andlead initiatives intended to facilitate the short and long term needs of the family.   

Specific examples of Luke’s commitment to our family include: 

  1.  researching and documenting family genealogy that involved the use of modern day technology, 

  2. writing articles on family genealogy specific to a particular interest, 

  3. serving as Chairman of the BESDA Historical Archives Committee, 

  4. preparing art work for Ads to be placed in various organization’s souvenir book,  

  5. managing and coordinating the design and purchase of souvenirs for family reunions since 2006 thru 2014.  

In addition to the aforementioned, Luke has served as co-chair of the 2012 Family Reunion, which was very successful, enjoyable, and well managed.   In conclusion, Cousin Luke, at a very young age has lived up to the expectations and legacy upon which the JA SpauldingAward was established, and his nomination unanimously approved by the BESDA, Inc. BOD's during our March 2014 board meeting.  The award was presented to Cousin Alexander by Dr. Milton Campbell, President of BESDA, Inc.  during the family banquet at the 2014 BESD Family Reunion.

2012 – Stedman Graham, Executive, Educator and Speaker

Award Statement: The John A. Spaulding Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Stedman Graham for his extraordinary contributions to the family and to our family organization over many, many, years.  Graham's countless contributions include: spurring the creation of our family non-profit foundation and serving as its first President; Chairing the 1996 Family Reunion in Chicago; co-founding Concerned Citizen groups in two core Spaulding family communities -Whitesboro, NJ and Lake Waccamaw, NC; being a trusted advisor to the BESDA, Inc. and to the BESDF, Inc. throughout its existence; supporting with participation in the Family Oral History Project; and currently helping to craft an exciting new venture in Entrepreneurship and Self-reliance as a part of the work of the  BESDF, Inc. 

There are few family members whose commitment to the family matches Graham's efforts and dedication.  The Spaulding Family presents the John A. Spaulding Lifetime Achievement to Stedman Graham in appreciation the services and contributions he has made to the enrichment the Spaulding family over the years.   The Spaulding Family hopes that Graham will continue to share with the family his immense leadership talents.  

Cousin Stedman Graham is known worldwide as an entrepreneur, motivational educator, and best-selling author.  His career as CEO of S. Graham & Associates, your Chicago-based corporate and educational marketing and consulting firm, and as founder of Athletes Against Drugs, a non-profit organization that provides services and scholarships to youth, is an admirable testament to the caliber of talent our family possesses. We are proud of the work Stedman those in motivating masses of people through his books and lectures thereby unlocking their full potential.

2010 – Milton Campbell, Ph.D., Durham, North Carolina

2008 – Vincent & Paula Spaulding, Cary, North Carolina

2006 – Benjamin Spaulding, Atlanta, Georgia (posthumously)

2004 – Dallas & Shirley Smith, Peachtree City, Georgia

2002 – John A. Spaulding, Greensboro, North Carolina

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