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Partial List of Contributions and Achievements of Spaulding Descendants

Dr. Oscar Mack Blanks, Jr. (1941-2006)
Respected educator and community leader in Farmers
Union, NC.

Aurellia Mitchell Boaz (1929-2014)
NASA engineer and mathematician "human computer” working from 1949 until 1956 among the group of African-American women assigned to Langley Research Center in Virginia now lauded as "Hidden Figures" in aeronautics and the foundation of space exploration.
Link to AP News profile

James Wesley Campbell (1934-2019)
Major landowner and farmer in Columbus and Bladen
Counties, NC and served as President of

Elizabethtown-White Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Rev. Ronald Campbell (1952-2008)
Late Pastor of Union Baptist Church in Lake Waccamaw,
NC and widely respected faith and community leader.

Robert L. Capers
Appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as United States Attorney for the
Eastern District of New York in 2015 and currently law partner at Arent Fox law firm in New York, NY.
Link to bio at Arent Fox


Kenneth S. Chestnut
President and COO of The Integral Group, LLC and IBG
Construction Services; Board of Trustees Emeritus for Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA.
Link to profile at Bloomberg News


Rep. Adolph L. Dial (1922-1995)
North Carolina State Representative, co-founder of Lumbee Guaranty Bank, scholar, teacher,
businessman and philanthropist in the Lumbee Indian community of Robeson County, NC.
Link to bio at UNC-Pembroke


Josephine Spaulding Freeman (1884-1979)
Respected educator in African-
American and Native-American communities of North Carolina.

Clyde Eugene Jacobs (1927-2015)
Decorated military veteran, longtime business leader and
mentor in Philadelphia, PA and dedicated family historian.

Lois Webb Jacobs (1887-1988)
Founder of Union Baptist Church and respected faith and
community leader in Lake Waccamaw, NC area.

Margaret Kennedy Goodwin (1918-2010)
Pioneering medical professional at Lincoln Hospital and Lincoln School of Nursing in Durham, NC.
Link to interview at UNC Center for Study of the American South


Stedman Graham
Chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, New York
Times bestselling author, current adjunct professor for several American universities, drug prevention advocate, public speaker, personal and professional branding consultant, co-founder of Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, Inc.
Link to profile at SGA


Lula Spaulding Kelsey (1887-1947)
Civil and women's rights activist, business leader and
humanitarian in Salisbury, NC.

William J. Kennedy, III (1922-2007)
President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance
Company and business leader in Durham, NC.

Lyda Moore Merrick (1890-1987)
Educator and humitarian, founder of The Negro Braille
Magazine (now Merrick/Washington Magazine for the Blind).
Link to bio at Hayti Heritage Center


Dr. Louis D. Mitchell (1928-1989)
Author, musical composer, journalist with NAACP Crises
magazine, English professor at the University of Scranton, co-author of 'Descendants of Benjamin Spaulding'.

James Loften Mitchell (1919-2001)
Theatrical icon, dramatist and playwright, wrote Broadway
hit “Bubbling Brown Sugar”.

Link to bio at African-American Registry

Colonel John W. Mitchell
Served as the first African-American pilot of Air Force One
during Pres. Richard M. Nixon administration.

John William Mitchell (1885-1955)
Pioneering African-American agricultural educator and
nationally renowned farm agent, has building named for him at Fayetteville State Univ. and member of N. C. A&T Univ. Agriculture Hall of Fame.
Link to profile at NCpedia


Dr. Aaron McDuffie Moore (1863-1923)
Founder of Lincoln Hospital in Durham, NC; co-founder
and second President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company; founder of Durham Colored Library; state education administrator for Rosenwald Schools; medical, business and philanthropic icon.
Link to profile at NCpedia

Link to biography by Blake Hill-Saya (UNC Press)

Carver Moore (1882-1958)
Longtime educator and superintendent of Farmers Union
Community School in Farmers Union, NC.


Rev. John Henry Moore (1884-1954)

Prominent Baptist Church minister, first Dean of Theological Dept. at National Religious Training School

(now N.C. Central Univ.) and author of 'Noble Ancestry' first book on Spaulding-Moore family history published in 1949.

Richard "Bear Claw" Moore (1952-2010)
Native-American community organizer and culturalist in
Pittsburgh, PA area.
Link to profile at Pittsburgh Tribune


Shepard S. Moore, Sr. (1905-1976)
Respected educator in Columbus County, NC and
surrounding areas.
Link to S.S. & Lucy Moore Family website


Rev. William Luther Moore (1857-1930)
Founder of Croatan Indian Normal School (now University of North Carolina-
Pembroke), religious and civic leader in the Lumbee Indian community of Robeson County, NC.
Link to profile at UNC-Pembroke


Ida Stephens Owens (1939-2020)

Noted scientist known for her work with drug-detoxifying enzymes, received her Ph.D from Duke University in 1967, making her one of the first two African Americans to receive a doctorate from the school, and spent her career at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where she worked from 1968 to 2017 pioneering the study of the genetics of human diseases and drug metabolism.

Link to bio at Duke University

Michele Hudgins Ozumba
Current President of the Women’s College Coalition and board of trustees member of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Link to profile at The Chicago School

Gwendolyn M. Parker
Noted Author and Hollywood Film/TV producer, formerly
co-executive producer of 'NCIS-New Orleans'.
Link to profile at IMDB


Mamie Webb Patrick (1910-2008)
Co-Founder of Mount Sinai Holiness Church and religious
leader in the Waccamaw-Siouan Indian community of Columbus County, NC.

Joseph M. Sansom
First African-American to serve as N.C. deputy state
treasurer, member of the Board of directors and

community liaison for M&F Bancorp, Inc.
Link to profile at Raleigh News and Observer

Clinton 'Chip' Shearin
Acclaimed jazz bassist, producer and composer honored
by the Rock and Roll Hame of Fame for his role in making world's first Hip Hop hit record 'Rapper Delight'.
Link to profile at FPBO music magazine

Maceo K. Sloan
Retired Chairman and CEO of Sloan Financial Group/NCM Capital Management Group and Chairman of CREF Board of Trustees.


Dallas R. Smith
Served as Deputy Under Secretary of U.S. Department of
Agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services during Pres. William J. 'Bill' Clinton administration.

Albert Russell Spaulding, Jr. (1935-2010)

Founder and CEO of Automation Research Systems, Ltd., a contracting firm with over 800 staff positioned globally in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa that provided software development, I.T. networking and security management consulting to the federal government and military agencies.

Armstead 'Curn' Spaulding (1876-1956)
Respected agriculturalist, entrepreneur and community
leader in Farmers Union, NC instrumental in preserving family-owned land in our ancestral community.

Asa Timothy Spaulding, Sr. (1902-1990)
President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance
Company, the nation's first black actuary, advisor to

Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson and Carter advocating civil rights and economic development for people of color, delegate to UN Conference in India.
Link to bio at NCpedia
Links to interview at UNC Center for Study of the American

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Benjamin W. Spaulding, Jr. (1944-2006)
Civil rights attorney and justice on Fulton County Superior
Court in Atlanta, GA.

Charles Clinton Spaulding, Sr. (1874-1952)

First Director and longtime President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, reknowned businessman and community leader, trusted advisor to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Link to bio at NCpedia


Elna Bridgeforth Spaulding (1909-2007)
Durham County Commissioner, activist for civil rights,
human rights and protections for victims of domestic abuse.

George 'Duke' Spaulding (1922-2018)

Pioneering jazz, classical and gospel pianist, musicians union labor leader and educator.
Link to interview and profile at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

George Mahoney Spaulding (1854-1905)

Columbus County (NC) Magistrate in late 19th century, among first persons of color to hold law-enforcement positions in that area.

Pastor Glen E. Spaulding
Faith Leader and Senior Pastor of Deliverance
Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia, PA.
Link to bio at Deliverance Evangelistic Church


John Spaulding (1817-1894)
Bladen County (NC) Commissioner, elected in 1868 as
first person of color to hold public office in the county.

John Andrew Spaulding (1913-2004)
Pioneering N.C. state agriculture agent, instrumental in
founding our current reunion organization and co-author of 'Descendants of Benjamin Spaulding'.

Rep. Kenneth Bridgeforth 'Ken' Spaulding
Served as North Carolina State Representative for
Durham area, highly respected attorney, developer and political leader.

Lloyd Leslie Spaulding, Sr. (1872-1957)
Respected educator, professor and author in African-
American and Native-American communities of North Carolina.

Dr. Major F. Spaulding (1898-1964)
Pioneering agronomist and Dean of the School of
Agriculture at North Carolina A&T University and Tennessee A&I College (now Tennessee State University).

Link to bio at African-American Registry

Maria F. Spaulding
Served as Deputy Secretary at N.C. Department of Health and Human Services and Executive Director of Wake County Human Services; Current member of Shaw University Board of Trustees and the A.J. Fletcher Foundation Board of Directors.

Link to bio at A.J. Fletcher Foundation

Melinda Spaulding
Respected journalist and Emmy awarded news-
anchor formerly at KRIV-TV 'Fox 26' in Houston, TX and currently an administrator at Texas Southern University.
Link to bio at Fox 26 Houston

Norman W. Spaulding, Sr. (1921-1987)
Pioneering Radio DJ/entertainer and co-host of 'Martin
Luther King radio show' in Chicago, IL.
Link to profile at Chicago Tribune

Norman W. Spaulding, III
Nationally recognized legal scholar in the areas of
professional responsibility, law and humanities at Stanford University.
Link to bio at Stanford University Law School


Ralph Spaulding (1915-1987)
Pioneering law enforcement officer with Whiteville (NC)
City Police Department.

Romeo O. Spaulding
Served as president of the International Association of
Black Professional Firefighters and the International Firefighters Association, captained District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department.

Judge Theodore O. Spaulding, Sr. (1902-1974)
Pennsylvania Superior Court Justice, first African-
American to serve on statewide court in Pennsylvania and longtime civil rights activist with Philadelphia NAACP.

Dr. Vernon C. Spaulding, Jr.
Retired as Brigadier General in the U.S. Army Medical
Service Corps, Professor of Medicine Emeritus at Augusta University.

William R. Spaulding (b.1924)
Served on City Council of the District of Columbia for 3 terms, established University
of the District of Columbia, served in the National Security Agency, respected pioneer in engineering and political fields.
Link to bio at Wikipedia

Rep. Sandra Spaulding-Hughes
Served as North Carolina State Representative for
Wilmington area, educational and political strategist.

Derrick R. Staten
Member of the Board of Directors and former Executive
Vice President of Lumbee Guaranty Bank in Pembroke, NC.
Link to profile at Lumbee Guaranty Bank


James A. Stewart
Current Chairman of the Board of Directors for M&F
Bancorp, Inc. in Durham, NC.
Link to profile at M&F Bancorp


Mayor John Allen 'Jack' Vasser, Jr. (1917-2004)
Respected civic leader and longtime city mayor of West
Cape May, NJ.

Constance Eileen Watts Welch
Activist, business leader, and academic administrator at Duke Univ.; highly successful fund-raiser for charitable organizations; former Exec. Director for Advancement at the Center for Child and Family Health; now serves as President of the Durham Colored Library, Inc.
Link to bio at The HistoryMakers project

Link to Durham Colored Library


Congressman George Henry White (1852-1918)
Served as only African-American Member of Congress for
55th and 56th Congressional sessions (1897-1901), founded community of Whitesboro, NJ.
Link to bio at George Henry White (GHW) Fund


Dr. Harold Horatio Whitted (1909-2001)
Professor emeritus of medicine at Howard University, respected surgeon and physician with longtime career in Washington, DC.

Link to profile at Washington Post

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