“Remembering the Past, Standing in the Present,
Looking forward to the Future”


The 2020 family reunion planning committee is very excited and, with arms open, ready to welcome family and friends to the beautiful city of Indianapolis, IN. We would like to thank the many family members who have already submitted their registration forms and would like to encourage other family members to complete the enclosed registration form at their earliest convenience and forward it to our treasurer.  We are encouraging all of our family members to use this opportunity to combine their annual family vacation with our 2020 family reunion.

The Indianapolis reunion committee has planned some exciting activities for you and your family which will include our BESDA Seminars on Saturday,

featuring Cousin Steadman Graham. The Friday night reception, will feature guest entertainment and family musicians.


For questions, call Pamela at (Cell) 317-506-4081
Chandra Barbee (Cell) 317-728-5452
Henry Horne (Cell) 734-497-9564

2020 Family Reunion Agenda
Because of the many attractions available in the Indianapolis area, we are working with the local tourist bureau and the Chamber of Commerce to provide you with multiple options.  However, there will be events planned at the hotel for those who choose not to take advantage of local activities and tours.   A tentative agenda of activities is provided herein for your information and is posted on the family website.  Once the agenda has been finalized it will, likewise, be posted here on the website.

Spaulding Family Awards
The nomination period is now closed to nominate family members for outstanding accomplishments in the fields of Agriculture, Education, Justice & Civil Rights, Community/Public Service, Youth Accomplishment, the Arts, or Business and Entrepreneurship.  The BESDA Board wishes to thank family members for their nominations.

If flying into Indianapolis airport it’s best to use Uber or Lyft for transportation to the hotels.

In closing, we are still in need of volunteers to work on the registration desk and assist with various other events during the reunion weekend.  If you are willing to donate some time to help at the reunion, contact us by phone or e-mail.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the reunion in August 2020.


Chandra Barbee Co-Chair    Henry Horne Co-Chair
317-728-5452                          734-497-9564

Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Family Scholarships
The family association has had a scholarship program for several years that provides funding for family members who are in college.

The Benjamin & Edith Spaulding Family Association scholarship is a $2,000.00 scholarship payable over a period of two years at the rate of $500.00 per semester.

Scholarships are awarded every two years at the Benjamin & Edith Spaulding Descendants family reunion banquet. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of family need, student income, GPA, and a required essay.

Scholarship applicants must apply to an accredited 4 year college, university, or 2 year community college. Applications are open to any high school senior or adult student.

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants upon proof of acceptance at a college, community college or university. A transcript from the applicant's current school must be submitted with the application.

DEADLINE for applying: May 30, 2020

The application and all supporting documents must be submitted by mail to:

Stacy Robinson
Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Scholarship Committee
160 Wood Croft Drive
Youngsville, NC 27596
919-556-3990 (office)
919-649-5029 (cell)

Souvenir Booklet
To commemorate the 2020 Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Family Reunion, a souvenir booklet will be printed and circulated at the family reunion.  The 2020 reunion planning committee requests your support in order to make this endeavor a success and a memorable family souvenir for the whole family to enjoy.  Ads can be created for greetings to relatives, in memory of deceased relatives, for business & political advertisements, and for congratulations for accomplishments, just to name a few.  All prices are as follows:

Full Page: $100.00        Half Page: $75.00        ¼ Page $50.00        Patron List: $10.00

Spaces are available for Business Cards (standard size 3.5 x2) at the cost of $35 dollars per card.


lease be advised if you commit to a double-sided print of a business card, you will be charged for two cards and your cost would be $70 dollars, which would include front and back side of a card as in one ad.

Please send exact wording as you would like for it to appear on your ads or business cards and /or photos.  Ads sent   without full payment will not be accepted by the souvenir committee.  The deadline for submission for all ads is on or before June 30, 2020. Electronic ads and mailed ads must be postmarked no later than the close of the business day on June 30, 2020.  Be mindful that no ads will be returned due to the large number of ads expected.  Please do not send original photographs.  Instead, send a good quality photocopy that can be scanned.  If you plan to send your ad via e-mail, the ad must be attached as a PDF attachment and sent to  Please do not send ads as an MS word document, because the ads may not appear in the same fonts and formatting may change when they are uploaded to my computer.

Make checks payable to BESD 2020 Reunion. Please mail or email your ads to make this process run as smooth as possible. It is very important to send your ad and check together. Mail to: Henry Horne, 8774 Prairie Ct., Belleville, MI 48111

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