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Our Family Association (BESDA, Inc.) has had a Scholarship program for several years that provides funding for family members who are in college. We have distributed over $50,000 to over 25 Scholarship Recipients.
The Benjamin & Edith Spaulding Family Association Scholarship is a $2,500 Scholarship payable over a period of two years at regular increments per semester. Scholarships are awarded every two years at the Benjamin & Edith Spaulding Descendants Family Reunion banquet. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance, involvement in extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation and required essays.

Due to federal tax law, contributions to our family-member scholarships, unlike our community-based foundation scholarships, are NOT tax-deductible.
Scholarship applicants must apply to an accredited College, University or Community College. Applications are open to any high school Senior or Adult Student.
Scholarships will be awarded to applicants upon proof of acceptance at the College, Community College or University.
High School applicants - A transcript from your high school and enrollment certification from your College/University must be submitted with the application.
College Applicants - A transcript and enrollment certification from the applicant’s College/University must be submitted with the application.
Refer HERE for additional information and application forms. DEADLINE for applying: June 1, 2024.
The application and all supporting documents must be submitted by mail to:
Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Scholarship Committee
c/o Stacy S. Robinson, Chairperson
160 Woodcroft Drive
Youngsville, NC 27596
(H) 919 556-3990
(c) 919 649-5029

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