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This award is reserved for the individual who has used his/her unique talents and skills that they use in their careers to provide a service to the family that has enhanced the organization’s image, increased the efficiency of its operating standards, and inspired family unity. Contributions to the family should have been made consistently over at least 2 or more years.

2014 Family Spirit Award Recipient

Sondra Spaulding Hughes

2010 Family Spirit Award Recipient

Carolyn Hobson, Hyattsville, Maryland

This category is reserved for the individual who has made consistent contributions to the Spaulding family over a period of at least two or more years, often at great personal sacrifice, and always motivated out of great love for the family.

The members of the reunion planning committee for the 2010 Reunion and the BESDA, Inc/BESDF, Inc Board of Directors voted to present the Family Spirit Award to Cousin Carolyn Hobson during the banquet for the 2010 Reunion. 

Carolyn, a graphic artist by occupation, has served as the official family artist from the year 1988, when the reunion was hosted in Greensboro, NC through the year 2008, when the reunion was held in Washington, DC. The Family Spirit Award was created during the 2002 reunion to recognize service to the family by an individual who consistently volunteered the use of their talents and gifts over time towards the betterment of the overall family organization. 

During her tenure, Carolyn created the family crest, which you have seen on numerous reunion booklets, tee shirts, and family stationery. She also created and produced the large wall banners that have been used at family banquets, permanent signs for the registration desk, as well as designs for tee shirts, and artwork used in the family website. 

Carolyn worked tirelessly in her capacity as family artist, where she always came through with items requested, in time, without complaint, even when sometimes the final product had to be produced within a short period of time. 

For these reasons, we are honored to present the Family Spirit Award to Cousin Carolyn Hobson.

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