2012 Achievement Award Recipient: Jordan Burnum

This category is reserved for the individual who has made consistent contributions to the Spaulding family over a period of at least two or more years, often at great personal sacrifice, and always motivated out of great love for the family.

The 2012 BESDA Public Service Award, established to recognize family, public or community service and  was presented to Cousin Jordan Burnum, who is the Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burnum (of King of Prussia, PA), his mother, Georj(g)ette, is the daughter of George Spaulding, Jr and the granddaughter of George Spaulding, Senior, Nationally noted organist, from Pittsburg, PA.  The award will be presented by Jordan’s for his outstanding contribution to mental health education for which he has received national recognition.  The award will be presented to Jordan by his sister Cousin Tara Burnham Smith. 

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Achievement Awards were established to recognize family members for their outstanding accomplishments in certain fields of endeavor: Agriculture, Education, Justice & Civil Rights, Community/Public Service, Youth Accomplishment, Entrepreneurship & Business, and The Arts.


Award recipients should have already received recognition for their accomplishments in their respective fields or area of expertise by an organization or group of individuals who are qualified to evaluate their contributions.