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Vincent Spaulding, Cary, NC

Milton Campbell, Durham, NC

Carrie Thompson, Alexandria, VA

Bernard Goins, Durham, NC

Dallas Smith, Peachtree City, GA

Deidre Spaulding, Washington, DC

Stacy Robinson, Youngsville, NC

Kelly Spaulding, Durham, NC

Paula Spaulding, Washington, DC

Shirley Smith, Peachtree City, GA

Velda Fluellen, Tucson, AZ

Arthur Fluellen, Tucson, AZ

Henry Horne, New Boston, MI

Laura Horne, New Boston, MI

Bernard Spaulding; Calabasus, CA

Freda Spaulding, Calabasus, CA

Aaron Spaulding, Durham, NC

Mattie Henry, Waldorf, MD

Geneva Wade, Washington, DC

Romeo Spaulding, Capitol Heights, MD

Annette Spaulding, Capitol Heights, MD

Luke “Spike” Alexander, Stratford, NJ

Samantha Alexander, Stratford, NJ

Thurston Spaulding, Alexandria, VA

Carolyn Spaulding Forte, Raleigh, NC

Benjamin Spaulding, Jr., Atlanta, GA

Joyce Spaulding, Atlanta, GA

Carolyn Hobson, Hyattsville, MD

Aubra Gaston, Tucson, AZ

Douglas Gaston, Tucson, AZ

Sandra Hughes, Wilmington, NC

Harold “Tank” Batiste, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Helena Slade, Washington, DC

William Spaulding, Washington, DC

Maria Spaulding, Raleigh, NC

George Spaulding, Pittsburgh, PA

Simone Cephas, Pittsburgh, PA

Oscar Blanks, III, Raleigh, NC

Herbert Harris, Raleigh, NC

Tony Spaulding, Laurinburg, NC

Gertie Mae Spaulding, Brooklyn, NY

Lynette Spaulding, White Plains, NY

Wilson Spaulding, Whiteville, NC

Joyce Moore, Kissimmee, FL

Sheree Sturis, Atlanta, GA

Mike Sturis, Atlanta, GA

Reginald Spaulding, Thomasville, GA

Nita Spaulding, Thomasville, GA

Etta Goins, Clarkton, NC

Gina Sammons, Baltimore, MD

Valeria Peacock, Whiteville, NC

Ralph Frasier, Durham, NC

Erica Johnson-Frasier, Durham, NC

Beth Spaulding, Forked River, NJ

Linda Wood, Wilmington, DE

Andre Robinson, Youngsville, NC

Wendell Campbell, Elizabethtown, NC

Emanuel Yeoman, Washington, DC

Beverly Spaulding-Stevens, White Plains, NY

Valeria Spaulding Little, Chicago, IL

Sadie Graham, Wilmington, NC

Arlene Jackson, Teaneck, NJ

Brook Spaulding, Forked River, NJ

Ellis Spaulding, Clarkton, NC

Cortney Forte, Raleigh, NC

Former President, Current COO;



Former Vice President;

Treasurer & CFO;


Recording Secretary;

Former Corresponding Secretary;



The Permanent Reunion Planning Committee was established at the 2000 Reunion held in Atlanta, GA. The decision to establish the committee, now know as the National Committee, was based on recommendations made during the family business meeting led by Cousin Benjamin Spaulding, Jr. who served as the Chairman of the Atlanta reunion. The purpose of the National Committee is to centrally manage family reunion functions, needs, and information that are not location sensitive. Some of the items that naturally fit under this category that are currently being managed by the National Committee include:


Family Web site

Family Genealogy Update

Family Health Network

Family Business & Professional Network

Family Directory

Family For-profit Corporation

Consultation to Reunion Host Committee (avoid having to reinvent the wheel)

Other duties as needed that are applicable to all reunions


Membership on the committee is open to all interested family members. In view of the fact that family members are located all over the country, the committee holds meetings in different locations throughout the United States. The committee depends upon email as the primary means of communicating and managing work assignments. The committee is developing an email directory of family members for use in providing information on committee activities in addition to maintaining the family directory.


The committee depends upon family volunteers who travel to the various meetings at their own expense in order to accomplish the purpose and objectives of the committee. There is currently no revenue stream to support the activities of the committee. The committee depends upon donations from local reunion planning committees and funds generated through the sale of products and services provided by the permanent committee. Also, various members of the permanent committee absorb personally the costs associated with the performance of committee functions due to their love for the family and commitment to achieving the goals and objectives of the committee.


The members of the National Committee represent all age ranges and come from all parts of the country.


If you are interested in serving on the National Committee or receiving information on the activities of the committee, please send your name and email address to Vincent Spaulding at The members of the National Committee are especially interested in recruiting and encouraging younger members of the family to become involved in the activities of the committee and needs all the help it can get. Please join us! We have fun, in addition to serving the needs of the family.


The names of family members who have supported the work of the committee and attended various meetings are listed below:

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