We would like to thank the following companies, corporations and individuals who have contributed to the Spaulding Family Scholarship Foundation. Your financial support is the reason why we are able to foster academic success with the Spaulding Family! Thank you!


Companies and Corporations

North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company

S. Graham & Associates (SGA)



Barlow, Jeanie 
Best, Preston and Mrytle 
Bostic, Gayle S. 
Carter, David and Isabelle
Collins-Spaulding, Kimberly

Davis, Karen L. 
Floyd, Joyce 
Gaston, Margaret 
Graham, Stedman 
Harmon, Tasker and Thelma 
Harris, David M. 
Hasserjian-Spaulding, Kimberly 
Jackson, Arlene 
Lennon, Aurellia, Andrea and Valerie 
Moore, Locke 
Moore, Patricia 
Moore, Sr., Wade H. 
Morris, Lois 
Sloan-Black, Frederick H. Sylvia 
Spaulding, Bernard and Geraldine 
Spaulding, Beverly A. 
Spaulding, Clara M. 
Spaulding, David 
Spaulding, Deidre 
Spaulding, Freda and Bernard 


Spaulding, G.W. 
Spaulding, Henry 
Spaulding, John A. 
Spaulding, Kim, Thurston and Stephen 
Spaulding, Lynette 
Spaulding, Mack 
Spaulding, Muriel 
Spaulding, Oscar 
Spaulding, Reginald 
Spaulding, Rev. Dr. Andrew Mclean 
Spaulding, Robin L. 
Spaulding, Romeo and Annette 
Spaulding, Vernon 
Spaulding, Vincent 
Spaulding, Virgil 
Spaulding III, Theodore 
Spaulding-Gaillard, Norma 
Spaulding-Little, Valerie 
Stewart, James A. 
Todd, Delores 
Vanzant, Laverne 
Wade, Clarence and Genva 
Warrick, John and Adrainne