Retirement of Mr. Joseph Merrick Sansom After 27 Years of Service

On June 3, 2014, Mr. Joseph Merrick Sansom was recognized for 27 years of dedicated service to the Board of Directors of Mechanics & Farmers Bank. Mr. Joseph Merrick Sansom is the son of Mrs. Vivian Merrick Sansom and Mr. James Joseph Sansom, Jr. (a past president of Mechanics & Farmers Bank) and Mrs. Vivian Merrick Sansom is a granddaughter of North Carolina Mutual Insurance founders, John Merrick and Dr. Aaron McDuffy Moore. Currently, Mr. James Edward Sansom, son of Mr. James Joseph Sansom, Jr. and Mrs. Vivian Merrick Sansom; and brother of Mr. Joseph Merrick Sansom, is serving as Interim President of Mechanics & Farmers Bank, as well as Chief Lending Officer.

(Left to right) Mr. James E. Sansom, Mrs. Genevieve Sansom Stewart, Mrs. Beryl Sansom Gilmore, and Mr. Joseph Merrick Sansom