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First to Integrate Duke University: Jean G. Spaulding

I ran across this wonderful bit of news in the Duke spotlight newsletter on the upcoming honoring of Black Duke Alumni. Our very own cousin Jean G. Spaulding is being recognized for her accomplishments in the field of medicine/psychiatry. I am always proud to see a family member, especially a female member recognized for their contributions to human kind, congratulations to a phenomenal woman. Cousin Monica Spaulding

Dr. Jean Gaillard Spaulding , M.D. ’72 Spaulding completed her residency and fellowship in psychiatry at Duke, finishing her training in 1976. Her professional accomplishments include service on The Duke University Board of Trustees, The Duke University Health System Board of Directors, the Durham County Hospital Corporation Board of Trustees and as Duke’s Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs. Currently, she is a trustee of The Duke Endowment, a director of Cardinal Health Corporation, serves on the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation and on the Durham board of Wells Fargo Bank. She has maintained a private psychiatry practice in Durham since 1977.

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