Carolyn L. Hobson

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Carolyn L. Hobson passed away on Monday, April 23, 2012. She is survived by one son, Corey; three brothers, Irving (Joyce), Bill (Wendy), Akwasi (Janell); three sisters, Virgil, Linda (Isadore), Jeanne and a number of nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives and friends. Friends may visit with the family on Friday, April 27, 2012 at Mount Sinai Baptist Church, 1615 3rd Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001, from 10 a.m. until time of funeral services at 11 a.m. Interment Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 1 p.m. in Little Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Powhatan, VA. Services provided by J. K. Johnson Funeral Home, P.A., Temple Hills, MD. Tribute

On behalf of the members of the Benjamin & Edith Spaulding Descendants Association (BESDA), Inc, National Board of Directors, the members of the DC Metro Region of BESDA, Inc., and family members Carrie Phifer Thompson and Helena Sammons- Slade who prepared the “Family Resolution of Sorrow and Respect”, I would like to extend our heartfelt sadness at the passing of our beloved cousin, family member, and friend, Carolyn L. Hobson. Carolyn was a dedicated and hard worker for our family, which she loved very much. Looking back over the past 24 years of family activities and initiatives, Carolyn was always in the forefront in moving the business of the family along and used her God given talents as a graphic artist to capture the essence of who we are as a family in her artwork. Her artistic talents were utilized by serving as the official family artist for the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Association from 1988 until 2009 when she was not able to continue due to failing health. Her most profound contributions to the history and legacy of our family include:

  • Creating the family crest, which can be seen on this tribute and on booklets, tee shirts, and family stationary. She also created a myriad of beautiful art work displayed on family souvenirs and professional publications, some of which is still on display today.

  • Creating the artwork on display for the family website and facilitating the contract and development of the family’s first website, posted nationally during 2001.

  • Creating the large banners used at family banquets, the permanent signs for the registration desk, the Ancestral National Memorial Display at the 2008 Washington, DC Reunion, and using her artwork for various family ads and announcements.

  • Preparing standard operating procedures for the use and display of the family crest and family artwork.

  • During the 2010 family reunion Carolyn received the BESDA Family Spirit Award for volunteering her talents to the family for the betterment of the family organization.

Even though Carolyn’s time with us has been shortened, her work in support of our family needs and interest will live on. Beautiful memories of her will remain with all of us who had the good fortune to have known, worked or interfaced with her. In closing, may her son Corey, the “pride of her life”, her siblings and immediate family members, and all of us in her extended family, find comfort in the many special remembrances of the one we love so much.

Sincerely, Vincent M. Spaulding National President/COO BESDA, Inc/vspauld78@gmail.

Resolution of Sorrow and Respect To Honor

Carolyn L. Hobson

“Since it has pleased Almighty God to take our beloved sister on her reward where she will join that great cloud of witnesses in the heavens”

WHEREAS, God in his infinite wisdom and mercy has taken from our midst our beloved

Cousin, Carolyn L. Hobson

WHEREAS, our Cousin Carolyn L. Hobson is a sixth generation direct descendant of our ancestors, Benjamin and Edith Spaulding, the daughter of Spencer and Mariana Freeman Saunders Hobson, and the youngest sister of Irving, Bill, Akwasi, Virgil, Linda and Jeanne. WHEREAS, she was always willing and ready to talk about the “pride of her life”, her only child, Corey, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. WHEREAS, Carolyn had a productive and rewarding career as a graphic artist at Corporate Visions, Washington, DC. WHEREAS, she was a long standing member of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Washington, DC, where she organized and headed the Cancer Ministry. WHEREAS, her artistic talents were displayed by serving as the official Family Artist for the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Association from 1988 thru 2008; at which time, she created the family crest, which can be seen on booklets, tee shirts, and family stationery; as well, she created a multitude of beautiful art work that is still displayed today. WHEREAS, she received the 2010 BESDA Family Spirit Award which recognized her service to the family thru volunteering and using her gifts and talents for the betterment of the family organization. WHEREAS, Carolyn worked tirelessly in her capacity as Family Artist to create large wall banners used at family banquets, permanent signs for registration desk, art work used in Spaulding Family website, and the Ancestral National Memorial Display at the 2008 Washington, DC Reunion. WHEREAS, upon her early retirement from Corporate Visions in 2009, due to failing health, she held fast to her faith in God, and in Him she found peace. She maintained a positive attitude and always enjoyed visits from family and friends. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we embrace the family because all of us have a common bond that will connect us for the rest of your lives. We cannot replace Cousin Carolyn L. Hobson, but will continue to demonstrate the love, compassion and example of excellence that she has shown to others throughout her life. FINNALY, BE IT RESOLVED, that this resolution be tendered to the family and a copy kept in our family archives as a humble expression of our heartfelt sympathy and resignation to the Almighty Heavenly Father with the love, grace and mercy He has granted to us.

This the 27th day of April in the Year 2012

Respectfully submitted by, Vincent Spaulding, BESDA National President