Ruth Annette Spaulding Boyd

Mrs. Ruth Annette Spaulding Boyd 10-29-1926 - 03-19-2012 Member of White Rock since 04-08-1934. Memorial Service will be held on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, at 2:00 P.M. Visitation will be held one half hour before Memorial Service at: White Rock Baptist Church 3400 Fayetteville Street Durham, NC 27707 Rev. Paul Anderson, Pastor of Fountain of Raleigh Church, will officiate. Ruth Annette Spaulding Boyd is the: · Daughter of Israel Roy Spaulding and Ruth Whitted

· Sister of Alex Spaulding

· Grand-Daughter of Benjamin McLean Spaulding and Margaret Susannah Moore (Daughter of Israel Moore)

· Great Grand-Daughter of Emmanuel Spaulding and Susannah (Susan) Gumby

· Great, Great Grand-Daughter of Benjamin Spaulding and Edith Delphi Jacobs

· Her Father’s (Israel Roy Spaulding) Seven Brothers and Three Sisters are:

o Wiley O. Spaulding

o Susannie L Spaulding

o Charles C. Spaulding (3rd President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company)

o Alonza G. Spaulding

o Evander M. Spaulding

o Maude E. Spaulding

o Emmanuel Spaulding

o Aaron M. Spaulding

o Margaret (Maggie) L. Spaulding Kennedy, Jr.

o Garland Spaulding