Nominations for the Spaulding Family Awards Now Open

Nominations season is “open” to persons who would like to nominate family members for one of the prestigious Spaulding family awards. A nominations process, which is found on the Spaulding Family Awards page, will be followed to select worthy individuals for distinction at our next family reunion in Philadelphia, 2012. Nominations will be accepted until January 30, 2012. A sub-committee of the BESDA Board of Directors will consider nominations for the following awards:

  • Family Spirit Award

  • Achievement Awards in one of the following areas:


Youth Accomplishment


The Arts

Justice & Civil Rights

Entrepreneurship & Business

Community/Public Service

Nominators must complete a nominations form which can be downloaded at the Spaulding Family Awards page. There is a link to the nomination form itself, in PDF format, that is located at the end of the article and can be downloaded onto your computer. At this site, detailed information is provided about the criteria for award selection, the definitions of the different types of awards, what must be included in the nomination form, and how the selected will be honored at the family reunion. Please read in detail this section.

Important information to know: • All nominees must be family members, by blood or marriage. • Nominators must be familiar with the selection criteria and complete the nomination form within the prescribed time frame. • Nominators must seek out a current Board member or regional director who is willing to represent the nominee to the selection panel, in the event there are questions about the nominee. • The nomination form should be mailed to the Board secretary, Stacy Robinson, at 160 Woodcroft Drive, Youngsville, NC 27596 or e-mailed to Stacy at • Nomination forms must be postmarked no later than midnight of January 30, 2012, for consideration or e-mailed within the same time frame.

BESDA Awards Committee: Paula Spaulding Bernard “Beaver” Goins Carrie P. Thompson